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A business enterprise

theideabridge.co.uk is an Interactive Business enterprise. The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd. provides online business solutions for national and international companies and create and run their own online businesses. 

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A win, win philosophy

Our objective is to facilitate business so that all can collaborate for mutual benefit, whether this means paying commission on referral or connections, finding work for others or giving new business a positive start through sharing risks on start up. Our emphasis is long term benefit for all involved not just short term profit for ourselves. In that way everybody wins.
Andy Shillito MD, The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd and creator of theideabridge.co.uk.

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Working togethor...

Any business created on the ideabridge will have our continued direct involvement because our costs are covered by commission on sale so if you're successful, everybody that works with us will be successful. 

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Professional value

Any project is inclusive of a marketing strategy but we'd like to provide discounted help from a valued professional team and that's where you would come in. All ideabridge customers will also get a 10% discount on our additional marketing sites launching later this year. If you'd like to join us complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

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www.theideabridge.co.uk is an Interactive Business enterprise.
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